Fiber Mini Course

Four part mini-series on how to incorporate fiber into your diet.

What You'll Learn

In this mini-course, you will learn:

     ✔️   About the importance of fiber beyond the digestive system
    ✔️   Types of fibers
    ✔️   How much is ideal
    ✔️   How to get it in your diet with savory and non-savory options
    ✔️   Recipe, demos, and links
    ✔️   Detailed "show notes" and PDF handouts  

At the end of this mini-course, you will have a better grasp on the importance of fiber and you'll be completely convinced that it will be a goal for you in your personal life to get more in! And you'll get some delicious recipes to try along the way.  As always, this is for education purposes only; see your medical provider for very personalized nutrition advice. 

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor
Shefaly Ravula, PA-C

Shefaly is a culinary educator, board certified Physician Associate, and former clinician with a Gastroenterology group in Austin, Texas. She is committed to supporting her students with a holistic and individualized approach to wellness. In this Fiber Mini Course, she works hard to educate and help resolve metabolic dysfunction, prevent chronic illness, and improve digestion, using food as medicine.
In these information packed classes, she will help you thrive by teaching you to make flavorful fiber-rich meals right at home.


Loved it! Easy to follow. Great downloads to help understand the nutritional values."

The Investment

  • Fiber Mini Course
  • $27 USD

    A four-part series on fiber.

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  • What to eat when your doctor says to eat more fiber
  • How different forms support optimal health
  • Supplementation vs. Fiber in Foods
  • Delicious recipes and cooking demonstrations