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An online community to learn about nutrition and how to apply it to your everyday life.

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Live and pre-recorded virtual classes to inform your daily habits

Expert Guidance

Guided support from a culinary and
medical professional

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Feel like your best self and leave chronic illness behind

Who is Food as Medicine Academy for?

  •   Do you know the root cause of your symptoms? 
If any of your answers are NO, Shef’s Food as Medicine Academy can help you say YES to meeting your health goals. 
  • Do you have a plan for how you will achieve your health goals?
  •  Do you have support for the journey ahead?
Not sure of the root cause of your health problems?
Learn more about Precision Metabolic Health here.

Imagine if you had a trusted guide that understood medical care and nutrition.

As someone with health challenges, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.
It's important to have a source you can rely on to address your questions and provide practical guidance so you can make progress in your health.

With Shef's Food-as-Medicine Academy, you get more than just cooking classes, you get a trusted guide and community for your health journey. 


Shef's Food-as-Medicine Academy

What makes Shef's Food-as-Medicine Academy so different?

 When it comes to having health challenges, there is an overwhelming amount of options for the everyday person to maintain their health, making it difficult to know where to turn for support.

We believe maintaining your health shouldn’t be so difficult...or tasteless. We help people cut through the confusion, so they can start to see progress in their health and truly enjoy the foods they eat.

  • Month-to-Month and Annual Discount Options
  • Weekly Food-as-Medicine Cooking Classes tailored to attendees requests
  • Delicious Flavorful Recipes ideas using powerful healing ingredients 
  • Private Members-only Facebook Group for encouragement and idea sharing
  • Video Library of recorded Cooking Classes for easy playback
  • Interactive Q&A during Live Cooking Classes

Meet Your Instructor

As a culinary educator and board certified Physician Assistant, Shefaly is committed to
supporting her students with a holistic and individualized approach to wellness.

In Shef's Food-as-Medicine Academy, she works hard to educate and help resolve metabolic dysfunction, prevent chronic illness, and improve digestion, using food as medicine. In her fun and interactive group classes, she will help you thrive by teaching you to make flavorful nutrient-rich meals right at home. 

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What other students are saying...

“The food looked so delicious, that I went right to the grocery store to get the ingredients and try out the new skills I learned. Thank you Shef!” 


"Shefaly does a great job of explaining every step of the way, including additional ways of achieving the same result if I don't have the tools necessary."


“This class was useful, clear and easy to follow.
I would love to learn more from this talented instructor.”


"Excellent class! I enjoyed the lesson. I thought the explanations were nice on what we should get nutrient-wise from [certain foods]."


Course Curriculum

Your Health Maintenance Plan

3 Steps to a Better You

Step 1: 
We Listen to You
  • We learn about your health needs, listen to your goals, and create classes to promote healing and longevity. 

Step 2: 
You Receive Practical Guidance
  • We address where you are now, and where you want to be in the future with practical flavorful cooking skills and simple food-as-medicine principles.  

Step 3: 
You See Results 
  • As you implement the skills you learn in our academy, you'll feel better and reap the rewards of investing in your health.

Shef's Food-as-Medicine Academy 
Annual Access Pass


Annual Savings of $87
Weekly Cooking Classes/Demos
Video library of all Cooking Class Recordings
Resource Library of Related Podcast, Cooking Demos, and Recipes
Private Members-Only Facebook group

Shef's Food-as-Medicine Academy 
Monthly Access Pass


Weekly Cooking Classes/Demos
Video library of all Cooking Class Recordings
Resource Library of Related Podcast, Cooking Demos, and Recipes
Private Members-Only Facebook group 

"I prepared three of your recipes from a class I took with my daughter and my husband loved them all. That’s quite a compliment coming from my born & bred West Texas meat, potatoes & something fried boy…Thank you for a wonderful class."
"I wanted to thank you for giving us a fabulous class. I learned a lot and got so motivated that I tried the carrot-ginger soup, the plant-forward taco night and they were delicious! Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge."

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are no contracts required. No refunds will be given once you have enrolled in either Annual or Monthly Access Pass. If you wish to cancel, you may do so prior to your next billing cycle.

Yes! We will provide tried and true delicious recipes we recommend from Shefaly's personal library or reputable sources. Some techniques you will learn are simple enough and require no recipe!

At this time, we do not provide meal plans, but are considering it for the future based on interest. 

Yes! You will have access to all Food-as-Medicine Class recordings, Shef's Demo Archives, and a Resource Library with bonus podcasts, articles, and recipes. 

Yes! We love catering our classes to meet the needs of our participants. A survey will be available within the course requesting questions or topics you'd be interested in learning about. During most classes, there will also be opportunities to ask questions if time allows.  

Since our classes are open to the public, we do not have a patient-provider agreement to discuss personal medical information. What we will do is provide general food practices that are targeted to address your health concerns. If you are looking for medical advice and you're in the state of Texas, consider meeting with Shefaly for a 1:1 Free Strategy Session. click here